SANA about clashes in Damascus.
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In Damascus, in the Nahr Aisha quarter security forces continue operations against "armed terrorist groups" who were earlier dislodged from the Tadamon quarter.

SANA reporter, citing an official source said that the result of special operations was serious casualties among terrorists.

Terrorist group attacked 3rd electrical substation of the Kabun metropolitan area. It led to the failure of its three transformers.

A source at the Ministry of Electricity said that the substation was fired from grenade launchers and mortars.  According to preliminary estimates, material loss from the firing and subsequent fire amounted to 300 million Syrian pounds.

Works on rehabilitation of some reparable objects of the substation are in progress. It will be over in 2 days.
According to information provided by the official source, special forces’ counter-terrorist operation continues near the substation.

Special forces stopped an attempt of terrorist to block roads to Nahr Aisha quarter.
Armed terrorists tried to block highways in Nahr Aisha quarter of the city of Damascus. Syrian special security sources stopped it. 

Security services pursue the rests of the terrorist groups in Al-Midan area. There is information about big causalities among terrorists. 

Fighting in Damascus. The story of an Eyewitness.
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The gunfire was heard periodically in Damascus on Tuesday, July 17. Clashes between insurgents and the Syrian army have continued in city on Monday. According to incoming reports, armored vehicles were brought to Damascus areas Maidan and Tadamon to establish an order. Formerly, gunmen proclaimed that these two areas were under their control. Army special units are still chasing gunmen who fled from Nahr Aisha. Yara Ismail, a Syrian journalist and Damascus citizen told “Voice of Russia” about what is happening in the area of Nahr Aisha: “We were getting back to Damascus by car. There were burning tires everywhere on the road. Teenagers of 15 or even younger years old were throwing stones at passing by people, taking garbage cans and car tires on the roadway and then burning it all. Then, gunmen opened a gun fire on people from the rooftops of houses. Then we saw Syrian military who have tried to neutralize gunmen and restore order on the streets. They did not touch kids. Armed insurgents were their aim. We had a narrow escape. As soon as we passed, insurgents have attacked passing cars. A car was driving slowly behind us. The crows pelted it with stones and turned it upside down.  Thus the road was totally blocked. ”

Is there any news about the amount of victims? Not yet. This morning I went to city hospital “Tishreen” .  20 people were in a list. Those people are from Deraa and distant area of Damascus.

Tell me please what is the situation in Damascus now?

It is more or less quite in the city now. Clashes occur in some areas. When army appears there, gunmen move to other areas. Of cause, some of the gunmen are being arrested, but there are too many of them and that is why the situation remains alarming.
Government security forces turned to flight a large part of the rebel forces, who have managed to infiltrate in Damascus on weekend, said Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi.

Minister said that several armed groups infiltrated Damascus and attempted to instigate unrest in several districts during the day. Security forces surrounded and neutralized them, but in some centers they still continue to resist.

Omran al-Zoubi said that media reports about the events in Damascus are “fundamentally untrue”, and added that most of the rebels either surrendered, or fled from the capital.

“Some of the fighters have surrendered, the others have escaped by cars or even on foot, firing rounds into the air to scare residents,” al-Zoubi added

Previously, information about two areas in Damascus ocupied by insurgents has appeared in media. Those areas are Midan and Tadamon and there was also information about the serious fighting in areas of Kfar Souseh and Gabun.

Inter-Arab television channel "Al-Arabiya" reported on Monday that shooting was heard last night on the Marja square in the center of the city. Though citizens of the capital uploaded video in the internet that had been recorded on that square. According to that video there are no evidences of any tension in that area. That region was illuminated and completely calm.

The war actions were activated in the Lebanese direction.
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   The original text of the news available here:

Several times have the soldiers of The Free Syrian Army tried to force their way from   Lebanon to the Syrian province Homs as government forces and special security   service are carring out special operations towards illegal armed bands in Rastan, Homs and border districts during last few days.

    On June, 7, in a border district between Lebanon and Syria which is from lake Kattinah to Tel-Kalyah city, some armed bands tried to force their way to Syrian territory. The official Syrian mass media reported about restraint of overcrossing the border. But probably some fighters managed to enter to Homs province.

    The Free Syrian Army often use such tactics when some bands go into war actions  with border guards while other armed bands enter the territory of the country. Some time ago the Syrian opposition announced that on July, 3 and 4, almost 1.000 figthers entered Syria ( the information hasn't been proved yet and there were no forced advance of the Syrian Free army in Homs province).

The city Al-Kuseir is filled with criminal groups as Ar-Rastan was before. The government forces are blocking up the fighters' efforts to make a window from Lebanon to Syria as it's going to be used for incredible coming of islamic criminal groups to Syria.

Although the Lebanese officials declare absence of training bases for Syrian fighters it's Lebanon that is the place where most part of efforts to break the border are activated. The fighters are behaving more and more bare-faced. They drive pickup trucks with automatic guns installed and they aren't afraid of being noticed and they rush in war actions with boarder guards making efforts to enter the territory of Homs province.

On July, 10, several efforts to pierce the boarder were reported of. Syrian Arab news agency — SANA reported that all the efforts of the terrorists were blocked. There were exchange of gun fire between the fighters and the soldiers in districts of Jisr Kmar, Jisr Abu-Sweid, Harmush, Al-Armut and Al-Arid. According to official reports most part of the fighters were killed or injured.

Anyway they continue efforts to enter the Syrian territory from Turkey. On July, 10, an armed group broke fire with border guards near Kerbet Ad-Jouse village. When some of the fighters were injured they stepped back to the territory of Turkey.


Shocking! Europe is in the same danger as Syria !

Hirelings who now fight in Syria can only kill, rape and rob. Your governors let Jin out of bottle holding knife in his hand and he will sooner or later turn against you.
They will come to your house to kill your children and you. Nothing will protect you even living on another continent.

We have some time left to stop the war!
Protest against military involvement in Syrian conflict!
Protest against provision of Syrian opposition with gun and money!
We'll win if gathered together!

3RD WORLD WAR CAN HAPPEN TOMORROW! (Marat Musin reporting)
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The following is the translation of Marat Musin's reporting 

Yesterday morning when I was leaving Damascus for Moscow I heard sad news : terrorists occupied the building of one of the main Syrian TV channels. To frighthen the journalists all the hostages were demonstratively killed and the building was mined and exploded. Later in Russia I was shoked by another anxious news. During our telephone conversation with  the general  I know he told me that they were going to start bombing Syria  in 48 hours. Other sources tell us that they'll start  3-4 days, not in 2.  
 It's clear that Al-Assad Bashar is going to be the aim,  air defence system and systems of control. On terms of straight blackmail threat Kofi  Annan presented a new plan the main point of which is a political removal of  Al-Assad Bashar. Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov refused to deal with it. And this fact means that the situation in the Middle East is complicated and Russia is loosing in this game as it can't influence it. Few hours later Uzbekistan suspended its membership in CSTO. As analysts report that it's connected with  forward staging posts for NATO bombardment aircrafts.   

 On the 16th of June as a result of leak of data from the Pentagon the plans of American aggression towards Syria and Iran were made public. On the 19th of June  a member of Congress Ron Paul confirmed it in public and said that «the war is inevitable and it's going to begin in the nearest future» ( 

 After the Pentagon's plans became public France demanded open skies regime for Syria as it was done in Lybia before. On the 17th of June observation mission stopped. On 19th and 20th of June there were Putin and Obama's meeting on  G20 where the sides couldn't conclude on the problem.   June, 19 Sergei Lavrov blamed the EC for illegal exploitation of unilateral sanctions when Britain arrested Russian ship Alaed with Syrian helicopters Mi-25 on it near its shore.   June, 20  observation mission continued its work.   June, 21 the government of Jordan gave political asylum to a Syrian officer Hasan Mery al- Hamadeh who stole a  pursuit plane Mig-21 and flied to a military airport in the north of Jordan and sold to NATO Syrian Defense Priorities System. 

 Next day on the 22th of June a Turkish reconnaissance aircraft  F-4 Phantom left air facility in the eastern province Malatya for a reconnaissance mission. This air facility is used by the Turkish and American military forces together for  reconnaissance and nestling of components of American ballistic missile defense. On Monday,  25th, in Damascus,  general-lieutenant of Syrian Air Force, who had been the main person in the organizing Syrian air defence was kidnapped by western special operation forces. Obviously all over the country they've been looking for less important Syrian officers they can get information from. At the same time in 20 kilometres from Damascus a demonstrative attack was carried out.   

 The situation is made red hot, taking into account the fact that the USA bought 234 old  F-4 Phantoms  and they reequip them into drone aircrafts. There were 14 such aircrafts in Turkey, they were used for breaking of  air defence. One was destroyed in May, the second one was shot down by the Syrian machine gunners on the 22th of June. Now Turkey has got no more then 12.   We can only hope that there's going to be no other bombing in the near future.. 

Marat Musin, 28-06-12,

Houla Eye Witnesses: Free Syrian Army Responsible for Massacre

The Syrian News blog has posted eye witness accounts of the massacre in the Syrian city of al-Houla on May 25.

By Kurt Nimmo,

According to a translation of a Russian video of the interviews, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) carried out the attacks and the victims were al-Assad loyalists and people who had demonstrated opposition to the armed opposition group supported by the CIA and trained by British and French Special Forces.

According to the accounts, FSA gunmen entered the city located in the Homs countryside and after securing it began killing people.

“The attack was carried out by a unit of armed fighters from Rastan, in which more than 700 gunmen were involved,” writes Marat Musin, a journalist with ANNA News. “They brought the city under their control and began with a cleansing action against loyalist (pro-Assad) families, including elderly people, women and also children.”

The head of an inquiry committee into the massacre put the number of attackers closer to 800.

The dead were put on display for the United Nations and the corporate media and portrayed as victims of al-Assad’s military, according to the Syrian News blog report.

The United Nations, the U.S., and the European Union have used the massacre to call for a new round of sanctions against al-Assad in an effort to force his compliance with an international peace plan that was recently rejected by the FSA.

“Time is running short for that (plan) because terrible crimes are being committed,” British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Thursday. “There is a great danger of a collapse into a sectarian conflict more bitter and more widespread than we see today.”

Earlier today, we reported that U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice had emerged from a closed-door meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday and said the Council and the United States are prepared to attack the al-Assad government in Syria.

Russia and China are perceived by the West as standing in the way of imposing more sanctions on Damascus. On Sunday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said any additional sanctions should wait until an official investigation into the massacre that killed over a hundred people has concluded.

Russia’s Permanent Representative at the UN Igor Pankin questioned the allegations that Syrian armed forces are responsible for the al-Houla massacre, according to SANA, the Syrian Arab News Agency.

“In statements at the beginning of the UN Security Council session on developments in Syria, which convened upon Russia’s request, Pankin said that most victims in al-Houla were killed by bladed weapons or executed from close range, which contradicts the allegations that the victims were killed by artillery fire,” SANA reported.

Late Thursday, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Local Coordination Committees activist groups said “government troops unleashed heavy machine guns and mortar shells in Houla, a collection of poor farming villages in the central Homs province. A young man also was killed by sniper fire, both groups said,” according to the Associated Press.

Letter against provocations organized for UN Security Council in Syria

T o the UN Security Council

Dear members of the UN Security Council

We are, citizens of_____________(country) appeal to you for protection. Events happening around Syria these days are a real threat to global security and may cause the outbreak of World War III. 

            Syrian “opposition” has given an ultimatum to the president Bashar Hafez al-Assad. The commander of the Free Syrian Army, colonel Riad al-Asaad calls the envoy of the UN Kofi Annan to declare impossibility of peaceful settlement of the situation in Syria, “There is no deadline, but we want Kofi Annan to issue a declaration announcing the failure of this plan so that we would be free to carry out any military operation against the regime.” 90 days were given for the realization of the Kofi Annan’s plan. The countdown has begun in mid-April thus the term expires in mid-July.

Armed opposition has nothing to do with Syrian citizens. They are just mercenaries playing a role in already known and played scenario in according with a template of the last year “Arab spring.”

Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council resolution, which is the only obstacle for bringing NATO troops into Syria.

However, on the one hand, the veto holds back the outbreak of an open international war conflict, but, on the other hand, allows pseudo opposition to kill Syrian civilians with impunity, and also undermine power of government troops, as evidenced by the massacre, committed by “opposition” in Houla, “gunmen have killed civilians, and shifted the blame onto Syrian armed forces.” Marat Musin, a Russian journalist, exposed this provocation. Gunmen sadists have burned 19 soldiers of the Syrian army alive. Could it be justified?

However, international community unanimously took sides with the Syrian opposition. Russia and Chine remained neutral

We are peaceful civilians want to declare that official position of the representatives of our country does not coincide with the position of its citizens. 

Under the Charter, the Security Council has primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. However, instead of the actual defense of peace and security, you have already lit a match and now are just waiting for the right time to bring it to a powder keg. 

“Arab spring”, orange revolutions is your fault. Who is next? Iran? Azerbaijan? Russia?

We are convinced that NATO and the United Nation is a legal mechanism for capturing territories of foreign states and control over their recourses. The policy of recent years suggests that NATO and the UN choose their enemies and friends. Security Council members have forgotten that the purpose of their work is protection of security, rather than inciting new conflicts. We do not want another war. We are against of bringing NATO troops into Syria!

That is why we demand to cease support of both open and secret Syrian opposition immediately, and stop the escalation of the NATO war preparations!   

 Peaceful civilians___________________(Country)  

What really happened in Syria.
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Materials of the personal investigation
Part 2
Investigation of Marat Musin

At 100-200 meters from our TV camera crew Militants attacked the IFV, which had gone to replace the soldier on roadblocks.Meanwhile, the draftee had contused and got a light gutter wound in his head from sniper’s bullet. Looking at his broken kevlar helmet he probably did not even realized he just miraculously survived. The snipers kill up to 10 soldiers and policemen on roadblocks every day. However before the daily casualties of law enforcement agencies in Homs numbered tens of dead people. But, unfortunately, we saw 6 more dead soldiers and policemen delivered to morgue at 10 a.m. Most of them were killed by a shot in the head. And it was only a beginning of the day.

List of people killed by snipers in the early morning of May 29th.

1.  The Sergeant Ibragim Khaluf

2. The sergeant Salman Ibragim

3. The policemen Makhmud Danaver

4. The soldier Aly Dakher

5 The sergeant Visam Khaidar


Last name of the 6th killed soldier is unknown.

The gangsters even had fired at our journalists group, though it was clear we were just common journalists and unarmed citizens.

The beginning of attack

Around 14.00 a.m. of May 25th   after prayer,   the roadblock of the law enforcement agencies were shot by the group of  Said Faez Talkha Al Iksh from mortar and grenade launcher from the sight of the mosque with  provocative aims.  Retaliation fire from BDRM hit the mosque and they succeeded in provocation. After that 2 gunmen groups under the leadership of terrorists Nidial Bakkura and Al Khasan from Al Khalyalka family with the support of detachment of mercenary attacked upper roadblock on the East of the town.
  At 15.30 upper roadblock was taken and all captive soldiers were executed – someone’s throat was cut, like Sunnite conscript, someone was burnt as Abdulla Shauai from Der Zora. During the attack on upper roadblock on the East gunmen lost 25 people and presented them to observers of UN among 108 corps of civilians –victims of the regime, allegedly killed by bombing and shelling of the city by the Syrian army. The rest 83 corpse, including 38 small children were loyal to Syrian authority families executed by gunmen. 
    Here is an interview of law-enforcement officer: «My name is All Khasan, I’m law-enforcement officer and I served at village Tall-Dau, All-Khula region, province of Homs.

Our roadblock was attacked  by a huge gunmen group on Friday.  There were thousands of them. 

Question: “How did you defend yourself?” Answer: “with common weapon. We had 20 people. We called for support, and while it was on the way, I was wounded and regained consciousness only in hospital”. People who attacked us were from Ar-Rastan and All-Khula. The gunmen  control Tall-Dau. They were burning houses and killing whole family just for being loyal to authorities. They were also raping women and killing children.”

An interview of wounded soldier: “I’m Makhmud All Khali. I’m from Manbezh. I was wounded in Tall-Day town. I’m from the supporting group, which came to help our comrades on roadblock.

Gunmen destroy 2 IFVand RPV that were on our roadblock. We entered Tall-Dau on IFV to pick up our wounded comrades from roadblock in the town. We took them back on IFV, and  I stayed to replace them.

After a while the UN observers came.  And they came to us, we showed them houses where family and their children were slaughtered by bandits. I saw a family; consisted of 3 brothers and their father in one room. In the other we found dead children and their mother. There was also killed old man in those house. Totally there were 5 men, woman and children. I covered with blanket a woman that had been raped and shot in head. The commission has seen all of them. They put them into a car and took away. I don’t know where they were  taken, probably to bury them.”

The citizen of Tall-Dau on the roof of police.

“At the daytime on Friday I was at home. I heard the shooting and then I went out to see what’s going on, then I saw that shooting was from the North to location where the army check post was. The army didn’t retaliate, they start coming up to houses, where afterwards families were killed. They took women and children as a live shield. And continued shooting at the roadblocks. When the Army retaliated, they went back and hid. Then the Army took survived women and children to a safer place. At the same time, in All Djazir there were pictures taken, like it was the Army who committed slaughter. As a matter of fact gunmen committed murders of peaceful civilians and their children in All Khula. Bandits didn’t allow anyone do their job. They steal everything they see: wheat, flour, back oil, gas. Most of the gunmen are from the ArRostan town.”

After they captured the town, they took their killed gunmen, and bodies of people and their children killed by them to the mosque. They carried their bodies on KIA pick-ups. At 8 p.m. on 25-th of May bodies of dead were already in mosque. Next day the UN observers came into mosque day by 11 a.m.

Russian and Chinese texts and subtitles of the following contents were prepared in advance in order to exert pressure on public opinion and to change the position of Russia and China in the right direction, “Syria – Khoms –Khula town. Terrible massacre, carried out by Syrian regime against peaceful civilians in Khula town. There were tens of victims and it number is increasing. Mostly women and children were killed in result of UNSELECTIVE BOMBING ATTACKS OF THE  TOWN”.

In two days, on 27-th of May, when it became clear from witnessing of citizens and videotapes that facts of artillery shelling and bombings were not confirmed, bandits videos undergone a substantial editing.  At the end of the text the following note has appeared “And some people were killed by knife.

What really happened in Syria.
Originally posted by rita_light at What really happened in Syria.

Materials of the personal investigation
Part 1
Investigation of Marat Musin

  On the 25th of May – in a day off near 14:00 big detachments of gunmen attacked and captured Alkh-Khoola town of a Homs province.  Akh-Khoola contains 3 villages: Talkh-Dau, Quarlakhia and Talkh-Dakhab.  Earlier population of these villages was about 25 or 30 thousand people. 

The town was attacked from the northeast by detachments of gunmen and professional hirelings. A total number of them were 700.  Gunmen arrived from Ar-Rastan (a team of Alkh Faruk – a Syrian free army headed by Abdul Razak Tluss, a terrorist, total number 250). They also arrived from Akraba village (headed by Yahya Alkh Qusef), from Farlakha village. Local bandits  from Alkh-Khoola joined them.  Long time ago almost all civilians left Ar-Rastan town. Now wahhabits rule there. They are supplied with money and weapon from Lebanon by Saad Khariri, one of the main organizers of the international terrorism who heads anti-Syrian political movement “Taiyar alkh-Moostackbal” (“A Movement for the future”). A road from Ar-Rastan to Alkh-Khoola runs through Bedouin districts. Actually it is out of government forces control. That is why gunmen’s attack to Alkh-Khoola was absolutely sudden for Syrian powers.

When gunmen captured lower roadblock in the town center (landmark is a pump power) and a local police administration that is not far from there, they began mopping up all families that are loyal to government, including old men, women and small children. As a result  few families of Alkh Saed kind were killed including 20 small children.  Abdur Razak families were killed too. Many of them were also blamed for passing from  Sunni Muslims to Shiites. People were killed with knifes and  point-blank shots.

Then they tried to present killed people like sacrifice of Syrian army bombing, traces of witch weren’t found.

The fact that at night in a hotel UN observers heard gunnery in Alkh-Khoola is no more than a stupid joke  for UN   Security Council. There are 32 kilometers  on the straight from  Alkh-Khoola to Homs. About what tanks and guns do they say? Yes indeed there is intensive heavy bombardment  in Homes till three o'clock. Yet firing at Monday night was explained like an attempt to restore law enforcement body’s control of security on a road to Damascus Tariq Alkh Sham.

By the way the information about us (that Russian are in Homs) was slipped just in few hours due to oversees.

You won’t find any recent damages from bombings or firings in Alkh-Khoola during visual inspection. Few times a day gunmen attack the last roadblock that is on the entry of Talkh-Dau.  Gun men use heavy bombardment.  Snipers that are from among professional hirelings actively  work in the town. 
The aim of provocation was to cause anger  of the world community so that to press for quick passing the UN Security Council resolution on Syria that was needed for the West to open the way of the military aggression of NATO.Notice that in a due time just the same provocation failed. 49 women and children were killed then in Shumaria (Homes). That was also organized due to Kofi Annan’s arrival.

Previous provocation was immediately disclosed as soon as it became known that this were dead bodies of alawies that were stolen earlier. Serious mis

matches were found in this provocation such as surnames  of dead people were from families that are loyal to government, absence of bombing traces etc. Any way a provocation machine is already started up. Today direct threats of Syria bombing are heard from countries of NATO. 
    Coordinated renvoi of Syrian diplomats has already started. Today there’re none of Syrian army in Alkh-Khoola. Never the less patterns are heard regularly. It is not clear weather it is gunners conflict to each others weather a moopping-up  of  Bashar Assad supporters continues. 
    Gunmen open fire for effect on almost everyone who approach a boarder of the town. We saw how they fired upon UN convoy and damaged two armoured jeeps of UN observers when they tried to approach the army roadblock in Talkh-Dau.
A twenty year old terrorist was seen during the attack on a column.  They fired wheels that are not protected with armour. A backdoor of the second jeep was hooked with a splinter. There are wounded among attendants. Wounded soldier, ”UN observers came to us next day. Just as they reached a roadblock, gunmen started firing them. Three of us were wounded. One got hurt in a leg, another – in a back, and I got hurt in a hip. When observers came they managed to hear a woman who stood close to them and cried praying to protect her from gunmen. The UN observers saw how I fell down when I got hurt but no one of them didn’t help me. Our Roadblock doesn’t exist anymore. There are no civilians left in Talkh-Dau. There are only gunmen there. People of Talkh-Dau have an excellent attitude to us. They call upon the army to enter the Talkh-Dau. We were attacked by snipers.”














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